• maximises root growth
  • increases N-uptake and utilisation
  • promotes photosynthetic performance
  • reduces abiotic stress

EU fertilizer: 4.5% Mn and 1.0% Zn microelement foliar feed

Development stage

  • Plant maintenance (BBCH 30-49)


TRIGA®420 is a high strength potassium phosphite blend for use in all crops. A unique coformulation of potassium phosphite with pyroglutamic acid to maximise crop establishment.

TRIGA®420 improves root growth especially in early stages of development. Root mass can be increased by up to 25% – regardless of the crop.

TRIGA®420 solubilizes nutrients in the soil and promotes uptake and utilization.

TRIGA®420 contains natural PGA (pyroglutamic acid). This ensures constant growth and maximum utilization of nitrogen reserves in the soil. Visible as greening effect of the crop.

TRIGA®420 improves photosynthetic performance and alleviates abiotic stress triggered by drought, waterlogging or cold.

TRIGA®420 improves crop quality and increases yield.

Mode of action - improves


Root growth

Water and
Nutrient intake


Practical application

Application rate

Water application rate: 100 – 200 L/ha (minimum 80 L/ha)


You can mix TRIGA®420 with all pesticide products and foliar fertilizers. Do not apply together with alkaline materials or crop oil adjuvants.

Always fill TRIGA®420 into the spray tank first in the case of multiple mixtures.

Plant compatibility

Do not use TRIGA®420 undiluted!

Do not conduct foliar sprays in the midday sun. Postpone the spraying to the morning or evening hours.

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