Our additives improve the biological performance of pesticides by:

  • protecting the active from loosing efficacy in hard water
  • reducing drift
  • improving uptake
  • opening the waxy surface of the plant for increased uptake
  • optimising coverage of residual herbicieds across the soil and maximising herbicide longevity and uptake in the weed germination zone

Find the correct product

There are no all-rounders. We provide the practical solution for your specific problem.


Residual herbicide technology
Wetting / superspreading
pH adjuvant system
Post emergence herbicide technology


ActionStore -


Substances that promote biological processes in the plant that promote healthier, higher-yielding crops by

  • stimulating growth
  • optimising resource-use-efficiency, N-efficiency and wateruse
  • increasing immunity against stressful growing conditions like drought, cold, waterlodging or rapid growth

Find the right product

Plant development is particularly promoted best at certain growth stages.
You have the choice.


Liquid foliar fertilizer
Fertilizer biostimulant complex


bigguns -

Spray equipment

Our products for effective and safe spraying jobs:

  • a perfect cleaning of the field sprayer, the best protection against crop damage
  • speedup the filling process without spilling and product losses


Spray tank cleaner
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