• Improves nitrogen assimilation, protein production and nitrogen use efficiency
  • Maximises root growth
  • Increases the crops tolerance of stress and aids recovery early in the season
  • Concentrates manganese and zinc source with efficient uptake and natural biostimulant Pyroglutamic acid (PGA)

EU fertilizer: 7,0% Mn and 3,0% Zn, 11% S, microelement foliar feed

Development stage

  • Income plant (BBCH 13-22)


MARIMBA® enhances establishment and early growth in arable crops, annual fruit and vegetables.

Manganese and zinc are required for plant growth to help photosynthesis and boost auxin levels.

Pyroglutamic acid has a significant biostimulant effect on root and shoot development comparable to phosphite. It helps maximise growth in optimum conditions and when the crop is under abiotic stress.

It boosts foliar nutrient uptake and increases cytokinin levels in tissues to stimulate growth. This ensures constant growth and maximum utilization of nitrogen reserves in the soil. Visible as greening effect of the crop.


MARIMBA® can be sequenced with VULKANO. Particularly effective on light land, later sown crops and areas prone to drought. Use on fruit and vegetables with no concerns of MRLs.

Mode of action

Root growth

Water and
Nutrient uptake



Practical application

Application rate

Water application rate: 100 – 200 L/ha

Tank Mixing

Shake well before use. MARIMBA® is widely compatible with other plant protection products but check with your agronomist or SUDAU AGRO for full compatibility.

If applying MARIMBA® to crops under severe stress (such as waterlogging or drought stress) do not mix with plant protection products that have the potential to cause crop damage and avoid applications in excessive heat.

Plant compatibility

MARIMBA® can be applied multiple times to the same crop.

It can also be used in sequence with VULKANO biostimulant. For use in a conventional boom sprayer. Use MARIMBA® at a standard application rate of 2L/ha. If the crop is experiencing severe Manganese or Zinc deficiency apply at 3L/ha.

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