Retention and anti-drift agent for residual herbicides

  • optimising coverage across the soil
  • maximising herbicide-film
  • reduces drift
  • reduces wash-in losses into the sensitive root zone

Active: complexing agent, anti-drift polymer, methylated bio oil
German Adjuvant: List No. 00A740-00
Use in organic farming according to EU-organic production-regulation: YES


  • All arable crops
  • Vegetable growing

Application area

  • Resiual herbicides

Mode of action

BOSTAT provides a stable herbicide film in the top soil layer. In this way, emerging weeds are reliably controlled.

BOSTAT reduces leaching losses to the crop root zone by forming a stable herbicide film. This improves the effect against emerging weeds and reduces crop risk.

BOSTAT consists of non-ionic surfactant complexes, adhesion promoters, emulsifiers and an oil component. This binds residual actives to soil particles.

BOSTAT reduces fine droplets by an anti-drift polymer. Evenly, medium-sized drops are formed. This improves distribution and coverage on the soil under dry and wet conditions.

Mode of action - improves




Practical application

Application rate

Always add BOSTAT to the spray tank last, after all other active ingredients have been thoroughly dissolved!

What to be mixed with:

You can mix BOSTAT with all soil herbicides for pre-emergence and early postemergence.

In addition, BOSTAT is miscible with ammonium nitrate/urea solution and water, as well as with ANU pure.

Crop safety

BOSTAT is highly crop compatible in all applications with herbicides.

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