LIMOWET citrusoil

Efficacy booster made of native citrus oil with biodegradable wetting agent

  • improves wetting
  • superior speading perfomance
  • quick sticking
  • increases penetration

Active ingredient: limonene
German Adjuvant: List No. 08750-00 08750-00
Use in organic farming according to EU-organic production-regulation: YES


  • All arable crops
  • Potatoe spray programs
  • Top fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Wine


  • Fungicides- contact and systemic
  • Cereal ear treatment T3
  • Insecticides

Mode of action

LIMOWET citrusoil provides superwetting and improved sticking. Waxy or water-repellent structures are will be covered. The sprayfilm is evenly dispensed on the leaf surface and absorption is accelerated.

LIMOWET citrusoil is a unique combination of alcohol ethoxylate and natural orange oil. These compounds provide wetting, spreading and rapid penetration of leaf-active ingredients.

Orange oil is an ethereal oil. It reduces oxidation and contributes to plant hygiene. The typical odor of citrus delivers a natural repellent effect.

Mode of action:




Practical application

Application rate

Mixing instruction

1. Fill spray tank 2/3 with water
2. Dissolve all other materials thoroughly
3. Add LIMOWET citrusoil last to the spray tank


LIMOWET citrusoil can be mixed with all pesticides and and foliar feed. Follow the instructions of the of the mixing partner.

Adhere to the regulations for the mixing partner specified by the approving authority.

Apply mixtures as soon as possible. Avoid work breaks. Leave the agitator running during unavoidable downtimes.

Plant compatibility

LIMOWET citrusoil is well tolerated as an adjuvant in all applications. It is used in combination with herbicides, growth regulators, fungicides, insecticides, acaricides and foliar fertilizers.

LIMOWET citrusoil can dissolve residues in the tank, lines and nozzles from previous sprays. Therefore clean your sprayer thoroughly if residues could harm to the crop being sprayed next.

Fruit + wine + sensitive crops
Do not use LIMOWET citrusoil during flowering or at fruiting.

EC formulations
LIMOWET citrusoil enhances the response of sensitive crops to EC formulations.

Wetting agents should not be used when solar radiation is strong, the wax layer of the crop is missing or high temperatures (> 25 °C) prevail.
Prefer treatments in the morning or at evening hours.

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