Neutral defoamer for all spray applications in crop protection

  • stops foaming
  • prevents overspill and contamination
  • enables fast refueling
  • helps to rinse empty pesticide cans

German Adjuvant: List No. 024926-00
Use in organic farming according to EU-organic production-regulation: YES


If foaming gets out of control, it causes overspill and contamination and slows down the filling process considerably – this costs time. Spray tank overflows, lead to loss of product and residues outside the tank walls causing environmental pollution.

SCHAUMEXX® reliably removes foam and prevents new foam from forming.

SCHAUMEXX® also helps rinse empty pesticide canisters.

Practical application


SCHAUMEXX® is miscible with all crop protection products and foliar feeds.

Plant compatibility

SCHAUMEXX® is plant compatible in all crops.

Use in biogas plants
Our practical experience shows that SCHAUMEXX® is compatible with microorganisms and can therefore be used in the fermenter. The use of SCHAUMEXX® has no influence on the effect of the fermentation performance.

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