Liquid foliar fertilizer

  • Strengthens cell walls (stability)
  • Increases resilience to fungi and insect attacks
  • Increases drought tolerance
  • Promotes root growth (nutrient and water efficiency)
  • Improves the shelf life of harvested products

EC fertilizer: 31 % phosphorus pentoxide, 5.1 % potassium oxide, 1.8 % magnesium oxide, 1.6 % zinc as chelate of EDTA, 0.01 % manganese from chelate of EDTA, 0.01 % copper as chelate of EDTA

Contains 10% modified orthosilicic acid in a patented modified, monomeric, water-soluble form that can be easily absorbed by the plant.


  • Cereals
  • Rapeseed
  • Maize
  • Potatoes
  • Sugar beet
  • Pulses
  • Vegetables
  • Top fruit

Development stage

  • Yield stabilization (BBCH 25 – 49)


Silicon in plant nutrition: simply indispensable!

Silicic acid is the plant-available form of silicon.

Silicon serves as a building material to strengthen the shoot axes, framework structures, cell walls and the wax layer on the leaves.

Trials with TRIGA®14 show many positive effects:
  • Thanks to a denser wax layer, the plant loses less water in dry and hot conditions.
  • The plants are mechanically better protected against fungal attacks and insects.


The effects were investigated with TRIGA®14 foliar treatments on potatoes.

Lignin promotes wound healing and improves resistance to cold.

Pectin supports cell adhesion and the hydration of the cell walls.

Cellulose gives plants strength and helps to maintain cell shape by preventing dehydration.

Arabinogalactan reduces water loss.

TRIGA®14 foliar fertilization under stress conditions increased yields in exact trials (France and Spain)

Practical application

Application rate

Tank Mixing compatibility

TRIGA®14 can be used as a single treatment and in combination with plant protection products.

Plant compatibility

TRIGA®14 is cropsave in all arable crops.
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