Penetrant-carrier adjuvant used with translocated herbicides to increase the level of weed control for post-emergence foliar-active applications

  • increases coverage of leaf and herbicide movement across surface membrane into the leaf
  • increases reliability and level of weed control of less susceptible species
  • increases activity from reduced rates of herbicide
  • provides protection against evaporation
  • makes the application reliable under difficult conditions

Active: 750g/litre activated polyoxyethylene polypropoxy propanol
German Adjuvant: List No. 025957-00
Use in organic farming according to EU-organic production-regulation: YES

Application area

  • Sulfonylureas
  • Phenoxy herbicides
  • Blackgrass control


SULPRO® promotes the formation of an even spray film on the leaf surface. The wax layer can be penetrated well and the absorption of active ingredients via the leaf is improved.

SULPRO® provides evaporation protection. This keeps active ingredients soluble for longer. This increases the absorption rate of the active.

SULPRO® makes the application more reliable under cold or dry conditions.

This pays off especially under dry weather conditions and for weeds and grasses with a strong wax layer.

Mode of action - SULPRO® supplies

Adhesion enhancement

Higher penetration

Evaporation protection

Full retention

Practical application

Application rate

100 – 200 ml/ha (0.1 – 0.2% of the spray solution)

Under dry conditions, select the higher application rate.

Tank mixing sequence

  1. Fill the spray tank 2/3 with water.
  2. Add crop protection agent according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. With the agitator switched on, add SULPRO® and continue to fill the tank.
  4. Immediately apply spray liquid.

Tankmix compatibility

SULPRO® is compatible e.g.with fungicides, growth regulators and sulfonylureas.

Do not use SULPRO® in late applications with growth regulators or in combination with oil-containing additives.

Plant compatibility

SULPRO® enhances the effect of herbicide mixtures.

Use herbicide mixtures with the condition “Damage to crops possible” only after prior consultation. (german: WP734)

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