Our standard

The company SUDAU AGRO was founded in 1996 by Martin Sudau. The company is privately owned and still owner operated.

During this long history, SUDAU AGRO has developed an unprecedented understanding of adjuvant application and crop nutrition issues, working closely with customers and distributors to develop new crop production solutions.

Our claim is to be at the cutting edge of technology, to offer market-leading products and to make a solid contribution to our customers wellbeing and a reliable service from advice to delivery. The result is seen in healthy plants, lower application rates for crop protection and higher yields. This is how we ensure an exceptional return on investment for our growers.


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Crop protection and crop nutrition are the most effective resources for successful food production. These must be used carefully and precisely to maximize their benefits and avoid disadvantageous effects on users, consumers and the environment.

Research enables new developments in modern crop protection. The biological and agricultural sciences and bioinformatics are making great strides. Microbiological processes can be better observed and understood. That’s why we use the results of agricultural research from biology, biochemistry and plant physiology to make new products suitable for practical applications.

We know exactly what is important, because we know the requirements in practical application. We get our ideas in the field. The exchange with the people on site is an important guide for us. After all, they know best what challenges there are to overcome. With this knowledge, we are working on solutions to further improve crop production.


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Adjuvants and plant nutrition

Our products make it possible to apply nutrients exactly where and when they are needed. Low-dose biostimulants enable biochemical processes in the crop to run at the best possible efficiency. Nutrients and water are better utilized and the plant’s own defense mechanisms more easily cope with diseases and pests from outside.

The application of crop protection products using the latest technology is subject to many external interfering factors. Our contribution to environmentally compatible crop production is to deliver active ingredients and nutrients to the site of action without losses.
One effect of this is that application rates for some groups of actives, e.g. herbicides and growth regulators, can be reduced while maintaining the same effect.

Thus, our products make the application of crop protection products and foliar feed more effective, safer, cleaner and more economical.
Better efficiencies also help to slow down the steady, natural buildup of resistance.


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Our principles


You can count on us and rely on our word. We meet agreed delivery dates and our products fulfil what they promise.


The quality of our products is determined by certified quality controls before and after production. Before you can buy our products, they are thoroughly tested in the laboratory and in the field and meet the approval requirements of the respective regulatory authorities.


We know that sometimes things have to happen quickly. If it is necessary, we deliver our products to any place in Germany within 24 hours.


We would like to be available for you at all times. We always be willing to listen to your concerns and are happy to answer your questions.


For us, environmentally compatible crop production means delivering necessary nutrients and active ingredients to the point of use as precisely as possible.

For us, chemical and biological crop protection are no longer opposites. Delimitation is arbitrary anyway. It is time to bring together the knowledge from both worlds in crop production.

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