Spray tank cleaner for sulfonylurea herbicides

  • removes pesticide deposits and other debris, including oily
  • removes substances from tanks, booms, hoses, filters and nozzles
  • removes residues of azoles, oils, carfentrazone, sulfonylureas and phenoxy acids, e.g. MECOPROP, MCPA, 2,4-D
  • is tested for crop safety


Spraying equipment should be cleaned thoroughly after each use. This is especially important when switching between crop protection products for different crops and different chemical groups. Especially when fungicides or insecticides are sprayed after herbicides.

JET CLEAR® thoroughly removes pesticides and other residues from the sprayer, boom, supply lines, filters and nozzles.

All pesticide deposits, sticky and oily residues are thoroughly removed. JET CLEAR® dissolves, neutralizes and removes residues of azoles, carfentrazone, sulfonylurea and phenoxies.

Practical application

Application rate per 100L spray liquid

Plant compatibility

JET CLEAR® is safe for crop and the user.

JET CLEAR® is biodegradable. Remainder of the rinsate can be sprayed over crop treated last.

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